ARTERY Irrigation Systems

a few words about us

Our aim is to be leader in the market and serve best irrigation fittings to the market.

Our firm is an export company that catch the worldwide market with new generation ideas. As ARTERY Irrigation, we will go on to serve to our customers and our partners in trust and with the high quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture advanced high end automatic valves system with good durability. With our technology we bring all irrigation controls into the farmer's hands. As a result, farmers have not only been benefited, they now enjoy a better quality of life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide high quality equipments and services which will reduce the headache of farmers and put a smile on their faces.

Our Values


Our Commitment

Integrity and Honour

We value our customers; honesty and reliability underpin our business. With a firm handshake we strive to act fairly in all our dealings.


Good service is paramount to our success:
“Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game.
Service wins the game.”

Energy and

Well directed energy and a spirit of resilience produces results.

Personal Time

We demonstrate a healthy balance between work and personal commitments.

Profitability and Growth

Long term profitability and growth will facilitate professional development in all of our staff and supply partners.


We strive for financial, social and environmental sustainability in our business growth.

Personal Challenge

We seek challenges that inspire us.


We strive to achieve open and effective lines of communication between staff and customers.

Quality Product

We aim to gain customer pleasure by providing high quality products.

Affordable Prices

We support you in the choice of your products, at affordable prices, designed to meet all your needs.